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Taking part at "Theater Alive!, January 28,
8:30 pm ET

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Just preparing our start on Broadway on Demand for Januar 31.

Die deutsche Bezeichung unseres Unternehmens lautet "medias ohg verlag und produktion". Im englischsprachigen Geschäftsverkehr verwenden wir aber ab dem heutigen Tag die Form "medias ohg publishers, agents and producers".


Der Sitz des Unternehmens befindet sich weiterhin in Hamburg, 22453, Borsteler Chaussee Nr. 5.


Da unsere Besucher auf Linkedin zum weit überwiegenden Teil englischsprachig sind, stellen wir die Firmenbezeichnung auch entsprechend um.


Just preparing our start on Show Share for
Januar 31.

Who we are


"Medias ohg publishing and production" has been managed since 1987 by the marriaged artist couple Anja Pirling and Thomas Waldkircher.

From the very beginning, the acting and directing couple have been working with other publishers, actors, directors and writers in germany and around the world to bring special materials to the stage with particularly careful equipment and workmanship.


In addition to a wide range of literary and translating activities, they staged more than 40 theatre productions, which have been performed more than 6000 times in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Turkey.

And we like to go on!

That's who we are.

What we do


"Medias ohg publishing house and production" has two parts: 


As a publishing house we are mainly publishers of theatre plays, film scripts and radioplays. We offer them to other producers in germany and around the world to stage their own productions. So, we are selling licences at that point.

But we are (and that is unusual) theatre producers, too, we stage our own productions, and we also produce books, CDs, DVDs, or files for download, too. And not just one performance a year, no, we managed more than 6000 performances of our productions in 29 years till today!


And in addition to all that, we are a translation agency, too, which is responsible for the translation and validation of translations especially for the Scandinavian and English languages, and is cooperating with a total of 15 major translation companies around the world.

That's what we do.



040 - 5259 - 7391
040 - 5259 - 7392

040 - 5259 - 7393
0172 - 3148 - 648​

medias ohg verlag und produktion

Borsteler Chaussee 5

22453 Hamburg

medias ohg verlag und produktion

Waldstr. 4

18586 Ostseeba



Main fields of business

Publishing of books,

CDs and DVDs
Digital media
(for classic retailers, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon KDP and


Translation Agency



Ancient Greek-German


Special fields:

Art into words
Medical translations
Manuals (Wordfast, FinalDraft)

Digital and Print Agency
Leaflets, Flyer, Poster
Book Design

Touring Theatre Productions
and runnig our own theatres

Four Theatre Brands:

Komödie Rügen

theater in medias res

Die Humoristen

News & Projects
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