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We are offering Translations of desriptions
of items you offer in your warehouse or
your complete catalogues or stock lists,
if you are a manufacturer, producer or designer.

The medias ohg also creates product descriptions and complete item cataloges for various manufacturers and suppliers, for example in the fields of fashion and cosmetics. 


As a rule, these translations are translated for retailers and their online shops or catalogues from the scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Danish or Swedish) or from English into German. Sometimes this transfer is not quite easy, for example, when it comes to measurements and size specifications or

for example unusual colors or flavors.


Sometimes the manufacturers themselves use our service,
if they provide article descriptions in several languages worldwide. In these cases, it is important to classify a product well within the manufacturer's entire product range, and to distinguish it from similar products in a series already in the item description, for example, and to highlight the differences.


On the subpages to this page you can find a colorful mixture of such translations on the basis of the German item descriptions we have translated for in 2018 and 2019.

You will find the some articles of the last month and some articles of the current month  on these subpages.

What if you are looking for our translation work from Norwegian, Danish or Swedish into German.


Ok, I see. We have not prepared a special subpage for that yet, but please ask by mail and we will send you some examples for translated item descriptions in this three languages.


What if your are not a manufacturer or dealer, and you are do need any translation for yourself?


Ok, I see. All articles on this subpages are available by Amazon Germany at the moment, and you may have a look on them "just for yourself". You can have a "trendy" purchase in England by this, so often items have very favorable prices and shipping conditions.

As a small side effect, medias ohg receives a small reimbursement of advertising costs for every purchase you make in this way - so you also support us with every purchase - if you like to support us.


So take a look at the colourful and disordered products for which we have translated the texts - from doormats for cars to children's pyjamas with individual imprints.

Or take a look at our new consumers page with tipps and bargains on Ordering there is in vogue because there are products that you are looking for in vain in the German Amazon - and often a low price and good shipping conditions are added.
You can find all this on