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Romantic Writing
Your help to get translated and published as Kindle Author in German Language

Are you a writer auf Romantic shorts, novels or plays. If you are thinking about getting translated and published in Geman language - we can help.

medias ohg agents and producers is a company in Hamburg / Germany who is searching for authors of Romantic shorts, novels or plays. We are Amazon Content Providers since 2008 and translate and publish original works as Print Edition and Kindle Edition in German Language.

We help with translation and prepare your script for being publishing.

You will have a small fee for the preparation of your work for print, based on a fixed sum per hour of work your script needs. No surprise - the sum per hour and the number of hours is fixed before we start and we will only start, if you agree with everything.

From the day your script is published on Amazon as print edition and in a kindle version, you will get a fair part of all income (usually 40 %).

In addition you can buy as many copies as you like and sell them on your own - from only 1 book (most of the times under 10 USD)

Let us talk about your plan, how many pages it will have, and if any illustrations are needed - at no cost and without any risk.

Write an email today to


Your help to get translated and published in German language!

Have a look on one of our books,

published on Amazon in German language
"10 Jahre bezahlter Urlaub"


PS: If you think about publishing your novel in English too, or only in English - this option is available too (even if we are a translation company too, we are in first line agents and publishers.

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